NorthStar is a 2 year training program focused on helping people grow in walking with God intentionally by developing their…
                  • Character: Trainees develop character in NorthStar as they are challenged to complete every piece of the program while actively choosing God's values over the world's values. Character is developed through...
                    • Experiential training meetings. 
                    • 1x1 and small group coaching.
                    • Hands on ministry experience. 
                    • Etc.
                  • Knowledge: Trainees grow in knowledge through reading, watching videos, answering reflective questions, interactive training meetings, and seminars. 
                  • Skill: Trainees sharpen their skills in Bible study, leadership, evangelism and ministry through hands on training experiences in the context of church life.
NorthStar provides the tools to be effective in leadership roles both inside and outside the church.

I have a much better grasp and comfort with the big picture of a lot of areas—the bible, church history, how authority works, spiritual warfare, and the perspective and priorities of our own church movement. In some areas that used to be very confusing, I now have more understanding and the footing to learn more as needed.
- Ian Dale, Trainee at Church in the Valley

Training Categories

Year 1

Year 2


  • How to Study and Interpret the Bible
  • Applying the Bible
  • Sharing What You’ve Learned w/ others

Walking with God

  • Kingdom Living
  • Attitudes of Success
  • Successful Living God’s Way
  • Battling the Enemy (Personal Battle)

Followership and Success

Leadership and Success

  • Role of a Leader
  • Key Leadership Paradigms
  • Leadership According to the Bible
  • Characteristics of a Leader
  • Building Trust
  • Relating Rightly (Heart Attitudes)

Relational Evangelism

  • Communication Principles
  • Initiating Relationships
  • Spiritual Conversations
  • Sharing Your Testimony

Storying the Bible

  • Chronological Study of the Bible
  • Communicating the Gospel


  • Defending Christian Worldview

Value Shaping

  • Supporting a Kingdom Culture
  • Discovering Others Values

Motivating Volunteers

  • Building a Team
  • Building High Committed People