Frequently Asked Questions

What is NorthStar?
A two year training program for men and women to train in the essentials for navigating the Christian life in today's culture, offered at 17:6 Network churches. NorthStar consists of 8 six week courses that cover a variety of topics that help a Christian grow and develop as a follower of God and leader in His Kingdom. Each course consists of online homework, training meetings, coaching, social events, and a seminar or experiential training event. Trainees and coaches engage wide array of topics including studying God's word, Christian history, biblical leadership, battling the enemy, relational evangelism, worldviews, value shaping, and motivating volunteers. 

What Training Categories are covered?
Studying the Bible, walking with God, following, leading, relational evangelism, storying the Bible, worldview, value shaping, and motivating volunteers.

Who qualifies to be a trainee in NorthStar?
A member of a 17:6 Network church who is...
  • Giving regularly to their 17:6 Network church
  • Serving regularly at their 17:6 Network church
How do I become a trainee in NorthStar?
You can become a trainee in NorthStar by...
  • Beginning to attend a 17:6 Network church,
  • Giving to and serving regularly at a 17:6 Network church, and 
  • Contacting the pastor who oversees NorthStar at your 17:6 Network church and express your interest. The leadership of the church will determine whether or not NorthStar is a good next step for you and the church based on the space available in the next NorthStar training group.
Where is NorthStar offered?
The following 17:6 Network churches offer NorthStar training program:
How much does NorthStar cost?
Contact the 17:6 Network church you are attending and inquire about the cost per semester.

Can I start the program in the middle of the year?
No, trainees may only enter the program in the Fall semester which usually begins in August or September (depending on what church you go to).

How can my church start offering NorthStar as a training program for its members?
  • A church must first become a member of the 17:6 Network. The Senior Pastor must lead the church in becoming apart of the 17:6 Network.
  • Once a church is a member of the 17:6 Network, they can begin the process of starting NorthStar at their church. 
  • There are some fees to start NorthStar at your church.
  • Contact us for more information about offering NorthStar at your church.