What is NorthStar?

NorthStar is a two-year training program developed by the 17:6 Network for use by participating churches to train their rising leaders.

Program: A scheduled sequence of component parts that allows the accomplishment of a goal.

Training is a series of activities (including their environments) performed by a “Trainee” who is under coaching that allows him/her to acquire skill or changes in perspective and/or values.

Training differs from other kinds of learning experiences in what it requires.

    • A Seminar exposes people to information—it requires attendance and listening.
    • A Class helps a person deal with concepts—it requires attendance, listening and engaging in discussion, question asking or problem solving.
    • A Workshop helps develop basic skill in implementing concepts practically—it requires attendance, listening, and trying to use the concepts practically to deal with case studies or to solve real problems.
    • Training develops skill or significant change in perspective and/or values.  Besides attendance and listening it requires that the participants…
      • Follow directions,
      • Perform the specified activities with a good will, and
      • Reflect on their performance with a Coach, who gives input into making advances.
    • A Training Program is a sequence of events over time in which a participant engages to develop desired skills and/or perspective and value changes.
Rising Leaders are people who already serve in the church’s ministry and already have a pattern of financial giving to the church and who have shown interest in learning more about ministering and leading in ministry.